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European Commission: EU Cohesion policy: Almost €385.5 million from the EU Solidarity Fund to 19 countries to tackle the coronavirus health emergency

European Commission: Coronavirus response: more than €175.5 million to overcome the effects of the pandemic in Poland

European Commission:  New factsheets: Analysis of the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Outermost Regions

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CNN: Covid-19 drove deaths up 16% in OECD countries and hit mental health, too, report finds

Reuters: Anxiety surged during pandemic, particularly among women – study

United Nations: The Pandemic Accelerant: How COVID-19 Advanced Our Mental Health Priorities

The World Bank: Learning Losses from COVID-19 Could Cost this Generation of Students Close to $17 Trillion in Lifetime Earnings

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European Parliament: DRAFT REPORT on Mental Health in the Digital World of Work

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Euronews: COVID in Europe: An updated list of travel restrictions for every European country

CNN: Pandemic lockdowns improved air quality in 84% of countries worldwide, report finds

The Guardian: Fears of pandemic exodus from England’s cities prove unfounded

Centre for Cities: Cities Outlook 2021

Tomorrow: Pandemic-Proof Cities: the Key to Urban Development Models of the Future

World Bank: A green reboot for cities: Strategies for post-COVID growth

United Nations: UN-Habitat report calls for cities post-pandemic to lead the way to a fairer, greener, healthier future

The New York Time: Cities Are Not Only Tackling Covid, But Its Pollution, Too

Frontiers: The Effects of Spatial Planning, Well-Being, and Behavioural Changes During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

DW: Coronavirus inspires cities to push climate-friendly mobility

Science Daily: The pandemic lockdown leads to cleaner city air across Canada, paper reveals

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European Commission: How to manage cities in the post Covid-19 period?

European Commission: Series of articles #4 Cities’ transformation in the post COVID-19 era with a focus on urban planning

European Commission: Digitalisation and Beyond: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Productivity Growth in G20 Countries

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European Commission: Digital gamechanger? How Europe’s cities are adapting to the impact of COVID-19 on jobs and skills

European Commission: Transformation post-COVID – Mobilising innovation for people, planet and prosperity

European Commission: Urban development

The New York Times: Biden Outlines $1.9 Trillion Spending Package to Combat Virus and Downturn

USA Today: Cities are getting a windfall from Biden’s COVID relief bill. Now how are they going to spend it?

USA Today: Panicked cities pressed Biden on rescue funds during the pandemic. Months later, some are slow to spend

Spectrum News: Biden administration to release $350 billion for states, cities approved in COVID relief bill

Cities Today: China’s new city to showcase self-sufficient post-COVID design

ISS: Towards urban decoupling? China’s smart city ambitions at the time of Covid-19

Reuters: Merkel to take control from German states in pandemic battle

DW: Coronavirus: Merkel and mayors agree on tougher restrictions

Thomson Routers Foundation: ‘Self-sufficient’ Chinese city to reflect coronavirus lessons

Financial Times: UK government uses Covid crisis to justify housebuilding U-turn

Financial Times: Theresa May to change planning rules to boost housebuilding

The Guardian: Boris Johnson’s planning reforms could turn southern England into urban sprawl

Financial Times: Boris Johnson calls for better links between the City and No 10

Reuters: UK’s Johnson announces urban renewal plans after promise to “level up”

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