Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Outputs (IO)


IO1: Personalized MOOC Modules on minimizing the influence of coronavirus and

negative emotions in a built environment by applying behavior change (MICROBE)

  1. Stakeholders’ workshops.
  2. Development of MICROBE education framework.
  3. Preparation of the framework report for the common MICROBE curricula.
  4. Preparation of the report on common grounds for teaching and learning.
  5. Training of teaching staff and public employees.
  6. Development of the MICROBE personalized MOOCs content and teaching materials.


IO2: Development, testing and improvement of the MICROBE Method:

  1. Formulation of the research problem and goals.
  2. Analysis of former concepts, models, methods, and theories of MICROBE.
  3. Completion of a Data Protection Impact assessment.
  4. Portrayal of the Big Picture of the MICROBE.
  5. Development of the MICROBE Method.
  6. Testing and improvement of the MICROBE Method.


IO3: Development, testing and improvement of the MICROBE System:

  1. Formulation of the Research Problem.
  2. Literature Review.
  3. The Big Picture.
  4. Scanning a Human-Centered Built Environment and Collecting Data.
  5. The Integrated MICROBE Method (see IO2).
  6. Development of the MICROBE System.
  7. Multiple-Criteria Analysis of Alternatives.
  8. The MICROBE System Correlation Subsystem.
  9. Real-time negative emotions and possible COVID-19 indices in Vilnius

23. Assessing the Accuracy of the MICROBE System through verification and validation.